Advantekk Racing Shocks



From time to time Advantekk wishes to test shocks, to make technical improvements, check longevity, test a new product etc. We also want to keep up with the changing industry and new products that become available to the racers. To do this we must work with race teams that are knowledgeable and are capable of working with our Engineers in providing feedback of our products. This means working and communicating with our Engineers at the factory and also at the race tracks when necessary. Also each year we interview teams with little or no experience with shock technology so we may determine a team that we believe we can train and work with for several years benefiting both Advantekk and the Race Team! If you believe you qualify and are interested in working with us we will provide you with all the shocks you will need for your race team, including repair services, technical assistance, chassis engineering, etc. This will be for the entire racing season. In return you must be willing to work with our Engineers, in providing the requested feed back and cooperation to make for a win win situation. If you would like to apply for this Sponsorship Please go to the form page and fill out the following form.


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