The Advantekk Coil-Over Kit For Steel & Aluminum Shocks
The Advantekk Coil-Over Kit has been designed and manufactured to provide you with the BEST method of mating Advantekk shocks and springs into a coil-over unit.
The materials are strong but lightweight and are supplied in many different design configurations to accommodate various shock sizes and spring diameters and length

1. Make sure that the kit is the proper one for your shock/spring combination. THE KIT CANNOT BE INSTALLED WHILE THE SHOCK IS MOUNTED ON THE VEHICLE.

2. Each kit contains a threaded tube, threaded nut, upper spring seat, a pair of tie-straps and a snap-ring. Tapered "CONE" kits will additionally contain a "diaper-pin" and tie-wraps.
"C" suffix kits will additionally have a Jam Nut and an 'O'-ring (that goes into a groove on the bottom of the Adjusting Nut). This Jam Nut can normally be tightened by hand no spanner wrench is required.
"RV" suffix kits have a chrome plated tapered "CONE" spring seat and NO
Important Recommendations
Two 1/4" holes are drilled in the top of the spring seat. It is recommended that the two nylon tie-straps be used to attach the spring to the spring seat. On the tapered spring seat, a smaller 1/8" hole is drilled across the slot for the use a "diaper-pin", which will keep the seat centered on the rod even if the spring is totally unloaded (provided it is "tie-strapped" to the spring). Chrome plated seats have no holes for a "diaper-pin".
12. Slide the spring seats SLOT over the rod & then down onto the spring. Be sure that the Travel Indicator is not caught above the spring seat it must be "free" below the spring seat. If the spring is too long to do this by hand you will need to "preload" (compress) the spring with a Spring Compressor.
Normally, Race-cars do NOT have "preload" (if the spring is too long you might consider a shorter spring) & street machines DO have "preload" (which allows softer spring rates).
13. Install the unit on the vehicle and adjust the ride height by turning the Adjusting Nut up or down as required. ALWAYS jack up the cars chassis to totally unload the spring BEFORE adjusting. If unloaded the Nut can usually be turned by hand. If it has "preload" you will probably need a spanner wrench (Advantekk part number 1880C) to turn it.
In either case: Do NOT make Height Adjustments with the Cars Weight on the Coil-Over unit.


Advantekk Coil-Over Kit