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81’ series ‘DTA’: ALUMINUM body. Has exactly the same dimensions as the ‘61’ series.
(NO decrease in stroke, NO increase in length)
‘51’ series ‘DTAS’: Chrome Plated STEEL body. Otherwise same as ‘81’ series.

Each shock has six (6) separate adjustable Rebound valving positions.

Adjustment is done with a “hex key” (Allen wrench) through a “barrel valve” on the top of the cylinder head. 

The adjustment changes LOW Speed Rebound only it affects the weight transfer characteristics of the car basically going into and coming out of the corners. The high speed Rebound valving is not changed much - to preserve the ability of the tire to follow the track. Compression damping is not changed.

A small “hole” on the barrel valve lines up with the adjustment position so you can see when it is adjusted at any time. 

The adjustment mechanism’s positive detents leave no doubt where each position is. 
The barrel valve can be turned in either direction (stiffer or softer) and it has “perfect” repeatability in each position.

The part number specifies the basic valving. 
EX: 8175 (5175) has an Aluminum (Steel) body, 7" stroke and standard #5 valving in both Reb. and Comp.

Note: Hole lines up with Valving, #4 in this case.

One (1) 81 Series 'DTA' Shock will Replace Six (6) '61'





Advantekk 81 Series Shock

Note: Hole lines up with Valving #4 in this case
One (1) 81 Series 'DTA' Shock will Replace Six (6) '61' Series

Example:  8174-27










Dual Tube rebound adjustable shocks
Advantekk Shocks
Manufactured by: Advantekk
Model: 81’ series ‘DTA and 51’ series ‘DTAS
Product ID: 81xx and 51xx
165.00 - 185.00 New
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