Advantekk Racing Shocks

43 Series: 





The 43 series shock has EXTREMELY low rod pressure (12 lbs.). 

          Low rod pressure means low gas spring rate changes. 

The 43 series shock has less build-up of gas pressure at higher temperatures than any other

brand shock. This keeps the car from "binding up" even in the longest races! The car will stay

"tight" even on the slickest tracks. The body diameter is 1.975" and the rod diameter is 11mm. 

The 43 series shock comes with 1/2" I.D. spherical bearings.

Part Number
Advantekk Racing Shocks Racing Shock

7" Stroke, 13.1" Comp. Length,

20.1" Ext. Length

- Easy-up
4374/3L - Linear Valving*
4375/3  -  Tie-down
4376/4  -  Tie-down

9" Stroke, 15.4" Comp. Length,

24.4" Ext. Length

4395/3  -  Tie-down
4395/4L - Linear Valving*
4396/4L - Linear Valving*

*Denotes Linear Valving - 

When compared to Carrera's

"regular" valvings (considered

to be "degressive");

Linear Valvings are softer at

low speeds (less than 3 in/sec)

and stiffer at high speeds

(greater than 3 in/sec).

Advantekk Racing Shock Hardware

Steel-body, low-pressure, MONO-TUBE shock

Advantekk Shocks

Manufactured by: Advantekk

Model: 43 Series

Product ID: 43xx

$138.50 New


Coil-Over Kits:

Carrera kits are simply "the best" - for engineered QUALITY.

The "threaded tube" locks up tight when installed on ANY shock 

     (fits AFCO, Bilstein, Koni and QA1, too) - and works better!

This allows easy "one hand" adjustment. 

No need for two hands, pliers or pipe wrench and skinned knuckles!


Part #          Description

1971GR       CONE spring seat, for 2-1/2" I.D. springs (no Jam nut).

1971GC       Jam nut and CONE spring seat, for 2-1/2" I.D. springs.

1970GC       Jam nut and FLAT spring seat, for 2-1/2" I.D. springs.

racing coilover kit